Areas most prone to crashes over New Zealand using Spatial analysis

In this globalized era, vehicles have become the important need for transportation that can be of any goods, services or personal. Vehicles allow us to make our travel hassle free, whether it’s public or private. Apart from all its…

Online Social Networking and Mental Health by Igor Pantic

I read an article on Online Social Networking and Mental Health by Igor Pantic. I strongly believe the covered pointed by the author — whether its networking addiction, increasing showcasing of self esteem and symptoms of depression. The author also presented opposite results in terms of positive impact of social networking on self-esteem and relationship between SNS use and mental problems to this day remains controversial, and research on this issue is faced with numerous challenges. This concise review focuses on the recent findings regarding the suggested connection between SNS and mental health issues such as depressive symptoms, changes in self-esteem, and Internet addiction.

It is still unclear that whether some of these changes affect normal aspects of human behavior and cause psychiatric disorders or not.

The link of the article is

The Psychology of Social Media

The Psychology of Social Media is a quite broad topic, so it is narrowed to “How social media is affecting human?” Technology, in general has vast relations with humans. Technology made humans easily connected with greater access to information and studies show that it reduces…

Complex systems and emergent property- An Introduction to social networks

Let us understand social networks with the help of an example. Suppose people are asked to clap in a group, all clap in a different order. However, after sometime, they start clapping in a rhythm and synchronization even if no…

Why there is difference in coordinates of GPS and the other application while tracking a point?

GIS is the powerful tool set for collecting, storing, retrieving, transforming, and displaying the spatial data from the real world. GPS (Global positioning system) is a satellite-based radio navigation system. It is a part…

Basics of Hadoop Distributed System

Hadoop is a type of storage system. Data in any format (example: csv) is irrespective of its size (say 1 GB, 1 TB, 1 PB) is divided into various chunks. The data is stored in various data nodes with multiple copies of each chunk throughout. This is done so that the data is preserved even if a single data node fails. The system which has all the tracks and copies is name-node.

Hadoop distributed system

Now, what if the name node collapse? This problem is solved by adding a secondary name node which acts as a backup for name node.

Aakanksha Kapoor

Masters in Applied data science, University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Data scientist who loves to play with the data and make sense from it.

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